How Limousine Hire Can Increase Your Business.

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Automotive shops have a lot of ways to bring in income, such as regular maintenance, used car sales, and transportation services for their clients. Adding limo hire to your list of services allows you to attract higher paying clients and gives you the autonomy of being able to fix and maintain the vehicles in your fleet all on your own. If transportation services are part of what you offer, the benefits of adding a few limos to those services are exponential.

The Way Your Shop Works Now

Return clients are probably the major recurring income for your business. You rely on them to keep coming back, deliver good reviews, and tell their friends about their experience every time. If you offer transportation services as well as repair and maintenance, then limo hire will be easy for your clients to adjust to and enjoy. If you don’t offer transportation services already, then the transition will be a little tougher for everyone involved. The thing to remember is that all other services that your auto shop currently offers should remain impeccable. Keep your current clients happy and the new services will flourish.

How to Begin Offering Limo Hire Transportation Services

This is a new leaf for your business and a good one that you and your clients will love. There will still be paperwork and some organisation involved but the key is to focus on the positives and let them shine out so your clients and employees will feel excellent about how your business is growing.

  1. Get all preliminary paperwork and licences in order. You may need to get additional permits and you should do background and licence checks on the drivers you hire for the limos.
  2. Purchase limos for your services. Start small with one or two and see how it works out with the new drivers, current employees, and demand for your service.
  3. Advertise the new addition to your business. Use social media, local papers, and any kinds of advertisement that you currently use.

Play up how your new service will benefit the clients and allow any drivers that currently work for you to apply for the new driver positions for limo hire. Even if they’re not suitable candidates, your current employees will appreciate being considered before you simply go straight to hiring on new people.

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Add Some Perks

Limo hire can certainly attract new business and higher paying clients but, once again, don’t ever forget the recurring customers who helped you begin and may have even kept your business alive during hard times. Offer them perks like free service for their first limo hire or special packages just for VIP clients who return frequently. You can also offer a customer appreciation program and award extra points to those that are already good customers. One way to show great consideration for your returning clients is to give them a sneak peak before you start offering limo hire service to the rest of the public. You’ll be expanding your business before you ever actually begin to advertise.