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Welcome to Please Look Twice.

Hundreds of Australians are directly or indirectly affected by incidents and accidents on the roads every year. 

Author Deirdre InceMy name is Deirdre and at 27 years old, I have already have a friend lose their life, A car crash into mine and many close calls. The number of deaths on our roads that could be avoided by an increase in awareness and road safety knowledge is higher than it needs to be, as with the accident rate. 

I have put together this website to help raise awareness and get more people motivated to look after each other on the roads.

Over the space of this blog I will be writing and sharing experiences with everything related to the roads, Not every post will be about road safety as I hope to bring in new readers and raise more awareness through sharing interesting stories and information as well as promoting partners who have agreed to help raise awareness in the automotive industry.

If you would like to have your business featured on this site, and have the ability to help raise awareness and save lives through the work your business provides, I would love to hear from you!

Together we can save lives and lower the number of fatalities and unfortunate stories running from the roads in Australia.