Why You Really Should Insure Your Car

Do you consider car insurance somewhat of a grudge-spend? It’s time to think again. It is critical that you have adequate car insurance so that you can protect yourself should you have an accident. But, insurance doesn’t only protect you, it also safeguards others that could be in the car with you. Car insurance also covers family members who regularly drive the car.

Two car crashed in an intersection

Car Insurance Doesn’t Only Protect You

Car insurance doesn’t just protect you. Should you have an accident, the insurance covers both you and your vehicle, as well as any other people that might have been involved. There are a variety of different policies you can purchase depending on how much coverage you want and your budget.

Why Do Some Drivers Not Have Cover?

Some car owners choose not to take out vehicle insurance. But in many countries, like here in Australia it is compulsory to have at least third party insurance. Reasons for drivers not purchasing car insurance include not being able to afford it, the cost of the insurance in a year sometimes being greater than the price of the car, and drivers thinking they have never had an accident before so don’t see insurance as necessary. But none of these help you when an accident does occur.

Don’t Skimp on Insurance. Here’s Why

Reminder that Car insurance come at all different pricesHaving adequate cover should be on the top of your list along with utilities, rent, and food. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should have your car insured:

  • Should you have an accident and it is your fault, if you don’t have car insurance you risk leaving a vulnerable victim without the care they require to recover.
  • Should you be hit by an uninsured driver and you don’t have insurance either, your medical care will not be covered by any kind of personal liability insurance that usually makes up car coverage. Health care can be extremely costly.
  • If you care is stolen or written off, you may be left without transport if you are unable to replace the car.
  • Driving without insurance can render you personally liable for high third party claims should you have an accident.
  • Insurance covers damages to your car in unexpected events. If your car is vandalized, stolen, or damaged by weather, it can be expensive. Surely you don’t want to risk the losses that may ensue.
  • Drivers can apply for vehicle insurance rates on policies that include further protection, such as cover for your CD player and sound system. This means you’re covered in the event that your accessories are stolen.
  • Sometimes a serious collision is enough to put you on the brink of bankruptcy. If you don’t have adequate vehicle cover, you could lose everything. Is that worth the risk? The money you would have to lay out for lawsuit judgments, medical expenses, and of course car repairs, should be well worth the investment in car insurance.
  • Car insurance rates on top quality policies can ensure you drive with peace of mind since you will know that you are properly protected against anything that might happen to you on the road.

If you don’t already have car insurance, it may be time to consider shopping around for policies and pricing.

What are the benefits of riding inside of a Mr. Hummer rental?

If you are in Melbourne and have not already, you may want to consider hiring a rental from a Mr. Hummer limo service in Melbourne Victoria. Hiring a Hummer rental from Mr Hummer would probably be an excellent idea. The kind of hummer rental that you would be able to get from them would be top-notch. And it would also be more beneficial for you if you rented a Hummer for a limousine, instead of any other kind of vehicle. You would be able to ride in one of the best kinds of cars around town if you choose a Hummer instead of another kind of limousine.

Mr Hummer Limo Hire

It would benefit you first of all because a Hummer could fit in large part of people. It would be great if you had to ride in only one car that would allow you to hold all of the people that are going together. This could be useful for a large party that you are going to. Everyone would be okay to fit in one car, and that would mean that no one will get left behind. And as a bonus, everybody riding in that single hummer would make it so much more fun to be in. If you want to have a blast when you ride in a limousine, then you must find a service that allows you to get a hummer hire in Melbourne, Mr Hummer Rentals is the perfect choice.

And if you find a hummer hire that you can get, you would also be able to get it to ride to your prom, wedding, or any other kind of event that you want. The versatility of a hummer would mean that it would be appropriate to use in any event. Whatever type of party event that you choose to ride a hummer for; it would still mean that you would look awesome doing so. The car that you are riding in also says a lot about your personality. So if you would like to tell people that you are an awesome person, then you would want to ride to the party in a Hummer. You would look so cool when you roll into an event inside of a vehicle like that. Everyone would be so jealous of you once you step outside of a car like a Hummer. When you get out of a hummer limousine, you can expect that all eyes will be on you, because you will look so cool coming out of it.

Fortunately, for you, it is easy enough to find in Melbourne limousine hire. You would not have to search hard to be able to find a hummer for hire in your city. And once you do find a hummer for hire, you will be able to get driven to your parties in the classiest way possible. All of the wealthy and famous use hummers as their limousines. You should think about doing the same thing if you would want to look as cool as they do. It would be fancy if you rode to a party inside of a Hummer.

How Limousine Hire Can Increase Your Business.

white stretch hummer limo

Automotive shops have a lot of ways to bring in income, such as regular maintenance, used car sales, and transportation services for their clients. Adding limo hire to your list of services allows you to attract higher paying clients and gives you the autonomy of being able to fix and maintain the vehicles in your fleet all on your own. If transportation services are part of what you offer, the benefits of adding a few limos to those services are exponential.

The Way Your Shop Works Now

Return clients are probably the major recurring income for your business. You rely on them to keep coming back, deliver good reviews, and tell their friends about their experience every time. If you offer transportation services as well as repair and maintenance, then limo hire will be easy for your clients to adjust to and enjoy. If you don’t offer transportation services already, then the transition will be a little tougher for everyone involved. The thing to remember is that all other services that your auto shop currently offers should remain impeccable. Keep your current clients happy and the new services will flourish.

How to Begin Offering Limo Hire Transportation Services

This is a new leaf for your business and a good one that you and your clients will love. There will still be paperwork and some organisation involved but the key is to focus on the positives and let them shine out so your clients and employees will feel excellent about how your business is growing.

  1. Get all preliminary paperwork and licences in order. You may need to get additional permits and you should do background and licence checks on the drivers you hire for the limos.
  2. Purchase limos for your services. Start small with one or two and see how it works out with the new drivers, current employees, and demand for your service.
  3. Advertise the new addition to your business. Use social media, local papers, and any kinds of advertisement that you currently use.

Play up how your new service will benefit the clients and allow any drivers that currently work for you to apply for the new driver positions for limo hire. Even if they’re not suitable candidates, your current employees will appreciate being considered before you simply go straight to hiring on new people.

hummer limousine

Add Some Perks

Limo hire can certainly attract new business and higher paying clients but, once again, don’t ever forget the recurring customers who helped you begin and may have even kept your business alive during hard times. Offer them perks like free service for their first limo hire or special packages just for VIP clients who return frequently. You can also offer a customer appreciation program and award extra points to those that are already good customers. One way to show great consideration for your returning clients is to give them a sneak peak before you start offering limo hire service to the rest of the public. You’ll be expanding your business before you ever actually begin to advertise.

Towards Zero – Victoria’s Answer To Drinking And Driving

Towards Zero. What is it and what do you think about it? Below is a video I found on Youtube that shows Victoria is taking action on lowering the number of deaths on our roads. Last year over 300 people lost thier lives affecting thousands of loved ones and leaving a hole in history. In this video, it is stated that not all accidents are caused by the drivers of the vehicles and that the road itself is a large factor into fatalities letting us down.

What is your take? Do you think it is all down to the driver or have you personally been affected by poor roads, vehicles and weather?